Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

At their June 19, 2017 meeting, the Watertown Charter Township Board of Trustees presented GLENN DEYOUNG with the 2017 Citizen of the Year Award.  This award honors residents who have displayed exemplary commitment, support, leadership, or service to the Watertown Township community. 

Clerk Deborah Adams, Trustee Holly Madill, Trustee Todd Hufnagel, Trustee Chad Cooley, Supervisor John Maahs,
Citizen of the Year Glenn DeYoung, Trustee Ron Overton, and Treasurer Janice Thelen

The following tribute was presented: 

Special Tribute to Glenn DeYoung
2017 Citizen of the Year

LET IT BE KNOWN that it is a privilege to extend our sincerest praise and commendation to Glenn DeYoung in acknowledgement of his attaining the distinct honor of being named “2017 CITIZEN OF THE YEAR” for the Charter Township of Watertown.

Ability, commitment, and integrity have been reflected in all of Glenn's work volunteering in the community and he has shown consistent dedication to excellence throughout his years of community service.  He has made many sacrifices on behalf of the community, willingly and unselfishly, and is always ready to shoulder extra responsibility and lend a helping hand in any circumstance.


Glenn and his wife, Laura, have raised their two children in Watertown Township for almost twenty years.  Glenn has been an effective member of the community through his volunteer skills for community improvement.  Glenn has served as a volunteer with the local Boy Scouts for over 16 years, continuing to serve after his own children have aged out.  He, as a Scout leader, has helped build flower containers for area bridges with the Wacousta Garden Club, planted trees with the Friends of the Looking Glass, set up for the Quiet Water Symposium, worked Lion's Club concession stands when help was needed, helped at the Masonic Lodge fish fries, and served as a team leader for the Wacousta Dream Depot 2.0 build.  Unselfish with his time, Glenn has served the community by connecting community members with Scouts eager to help people with needs, such as working on a wheelchair ramp so a family could bring home an injured son, raking leaves and yard clean-up for local community residents, and being available as a leader and mentor in the community.


IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, therefore, this document is signed and dedicated to commend and congratulate Glenn DeYoung as Watertown Charter Township’s “2017 CITIZEN OF THE YEAR.”


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