Summer 2018 Tax Bill Information

Property taxes are due by 5pm on 9/14/2018.  Watertown Township does NOT accept postmark when determining timely payment.  Please allow sufficient mailing time to avoid late fees applied after 9/14/2018.

If your taxes have been requested by your mortgage company, the words "A copy of this bill has been sent to your mortgage company" will appear in blue on the right side of your bill towards the middle.

NOTE:  Receipts will no longer be mailed, unless requested.   Receipts can be viewed/printed from the website. 

Township offices will be CLOSED the following dates.  Payments received in the township drop-box or via postal mail during these dates will be marked as received on the next township business day.

  • Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • Monday, September 3, 2018

Payment Options


Tax Information

Where Does My Property Tax Dollar Go?

**Based on a home in Watertown Township in 2013 with a taxable value of $100,000 and 100% Principal Residence Exemption (PRE). This represents a home within the Grand Ledge school district and the Eaton Intermediate school district.**

**Based on the 2013 summer and winter tax rolls**

Summer property tax bill timeline

  • Mailed by July 1st of each year
  • Due September 14th of that year by 5:00pm.  POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED
  • After 5:00pm September 14th interest will be added at the rate of 1% each month or fraction of the month until paid in full
  • March 1st:  Outstanding real property tax amounts will be sent to Clinton County as delinquent for continued collection efforts

Winter property tax bill timeline

  • Mailed by December 1st of each year
  • Due on February 14th by 5:00pm of the following year.  POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  
  • Any outstanding amount after 5pm on the due date will receive a onetime penalty and interest fee of 3%.
  • March 1st:  Outstanding real property tax amounts will be sent to Clinton County as delinquent for continued collection efforts

Beginning March 1, all unpaid taxes for the previous year (summer and winter) including additional penalties must be paid to:

Tina Ward, Clinton County Treasurer
100 E. State Street, Suite 2400
P.O. Box 39
St. Johns, MI  48879
(989) 224-5280

Contact the Clinton County Treasurer's office prior to sending payment to confirm amount owed.

Just over 2,800 tax bills are mailed each tax season. Informational tax bills are mailed to homeowners who have a mortgage company paying their taxes. If you have a mortgage, please check your escrow statement for tax payments. Tax receipts are mailed to residents after receiving payment.

Please contact the office immediately if you do not receive a summer or a winter tax bill. If you do not receive a summer tax bill by July 8th or a winter tax bill by December 8th we may have an incorrect address on file. We will gladly correct this information and send a duplicate tax statement. There is NO CHARGE for duplicate tax statements. Please remember that failure to receive a tax statement does NOT exempt taxes from payment, penalty and/or interest.

When paying your taxes or utility bill, please remember to return the bottom portion of your tax bill and the left side of your utility bill with payment.

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