COVID-19 Updates

Township COVID-19 Updates

The township has installed a new walk-up window in the entrance of the township hall to allow staff to assist residents Monday - Thursday from 9am - 5pm and Friday from 9am - 3pm.  Staff continues to remain available during office hours by phone or email, in addition to the new walk-up window.  If you wish to meet with a specific person, please call or email to confirm their availability on a particular day.  Additionally, you may find the information you are looking for by searching this website. 

The township drop box is available 24/7 to accept payments, election material, and other items.  Additional payment options are also available through the website 24/7.  This page will be updated as changes to operations occur. 

Staff Contact Information Sheet

Updated July 20, 2020:  As of this date, we have the following closures/cancellations/alterations of service to announce.  This information is updated as changes occur and operations resume:

  • Watertown Township Recycling Drop-Off:  Good news...the recycling center is OPEN!  In order for the recycling center to remain open, everything must be placed in a bin!  The bins are being emptied daily; if they are full, you must wait until the next day.  For the safety of the employees of Granger and Watertown Township who maintain the recycling center site, everything must be placed directly in a bin.  If items are left on the ground or the bins are overfilled the recycling center will be forced to close.  

  • The recycling center will be forced to close if the bins are overfilled or items are left on the ground.   

  • Public bodies subject to the Open Meetings Act (to include to include Board of Trustees, Planning Commission, etc.) may be conducted by telephone or video conferencing, per Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-154.  Protocols for joining will be posted.  
  • Wallace F. Watt Community Center (Gym) - closed.
  • Heritage Park - open.  The play equipment is use at own risk. 
  • Gloria Miller Looking Glass Valley Park  - open. The play equipment is use at own risk.      
  • Grand Ledge Library Watertown Pick-Up - unavailable at this time.        

If you are aware of anyone needing assistance or a wellness check within the Watertown Township community, please contact Township Manager Jennifer Tubbs by phone (517) 749-4643 or email ( Additionally, seniors may be able to receive meal delivery, thanks to federal dollars received by the state to help provide meals to older adults (age 60 and over).  Seniors who need extra support at this time can now sign up for assistance, including meal delivery, delivery of non-perishable food items, and daily wellness-check calls, through the state's coronavirus website. 

For the latest information and additional resources on how to protect and prepare for COVID-19, please visit the following:



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