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Request an absent voter ballot for August and November 2020 

So that we may best serve you, we recommend ballot applications NOT be returned by emailing a photo.  Though application instructions permit the return of your application by emailing a photo, it is not encouraged.  The images are often received or print in poor quality, are blurry, are incorrectly sized, and required information is distorted.  Your information must be clear upon printing.  In these instances, we will attempt to contact you so you can resubmit your application in a viable format.  Photos sent without text in the subject line can be caught by security software, and may not be seen or processed.  If you would like to return your application by email, we recommend you send it as a full-size pdf or jpg attachment (not in the body of the email; pdf is preferred) and include "AV application" in the subject line.

Track your absent voter application and/or ballot 
Our office is working diligently to process the large volume of absent voter ballot requests we have received.  Your patience is appreciated while we process each request.  If your information isn't available on the first try, please wait a day and try again before calling our office.

Individuals on the Automatic Application List (also known as the Permanent Absent Voter List) were mailed a ballot application covering both the August and November elections.  Voters should expect to receive multiple applications because various third-party groups, including the Michigan Secretary of State, have also mailed out absent voter ballot applications to registered voters.  You must return one completed application (any one) for each election in which you would like to receive a ballot.  Only one ballot will be sent per election, even if a voter returns multiple applications.  After our office receives a completed application, a ballot will be mailed to your registered home address when they become available.  Need your ballot mailed to a different address, including a P.O. Box or snowbird address?  No problem!  Simply provide that address in the space indicated on the application. 

I received an absent voter application for an individual who is deceased or no longer lives at this address.  What should I do?

You are not required to vote by absent voter ballot; you may cast your ballot in the polling place on Election Day from 7am - 8pm.

Voter ID Requirement in Effect

The Voter Identification Requirement is in effect for those casting a ballot in person on Election Day and for those who pick up their absentee voter ballot in person.  Please read the Notice to Voters from the State Bureau of Elections for more information, including acceptable forms of identification. An affidavit can be completed for voters not in possession of picture identification.

Registration Information

To register to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age by Election Day, not serving a sentence in jail or prison, and a resident of Michigan and the city or township where you are registering to vote for at least 30 days before Election Day.  For more information, please visit the Michigan Secretary of State website, or contact the Township Clerk's Office.

Registering to vote 15 or more days before an election?  Register at these locations:

  • online through the Michigan Voter Information Center
  • any Secretary of State branch office    
  • a designated state agency
  • by mail (must be postmarked or delivered no later than 15 days before Election Day)
  • Watertown Township Clerk's Office

Registering to vote 14 or fewer days before an election, including Election Day?  Register in person at the Watertown Township Clerk's Office (residency verification required).  Voters who register at the Township Clerk's Office on Election Day can receive a ballot and vote that day.  

Absentee Voting Information

All eligible and registered voters in Michigan may request an absent voter ballot without declaring a reason.  To vote by absent voter ballot, law requires the voter must first return a completed absent voter ballot application to the township for each election.  Once a completed application is returned, a ballot is mailed to the voter at their registered home address.  If you would like to receive your ballot at another address, you must include that information on the application.  Absentee ballots will not be forwarded by the USPS. 

Voters can track the status of their absent voter application and ballot at the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Note:  Voters returning their application after 5pm the Friday before an election should do so in person at the Township Clerk's Office; a ballot will be issued to you in person up until 4pm the Monday before the election.

All absent voter ballots are processed on Election Day by the election inspectors and tabulated in the same machines used for ballots of in-person voters.  Absent voter ballots must be signed and received by 8pm on Election Day.

Automatic Application List

The township maintains an Automatic Application List (also known as a permanent absent voter list) of individuals who are automatically mailed an application prior to each election.  You can add your name to the list online through the Michigan Voter Information Center or by returning a completed request form to us.         

Military and Overseas Voters

Members of the military, their families, and overseas citizens can register to vote or request an absentee voter ballot by completing the Federal Post Card Application.  Use of this form assists us in making sure these voters receive absentee voting materials in a timely manner.  The application is valid for one calendar year. 

Election Inspector

Watertown Township depends on trained election inspectors to successfully conduct every election. These are paid positions. If you are interested in becoming an election inspector, please complete the Election Inspector Application.  If you have questions about becoming an election worker, please contact the Township Clerk’s office.


For information regarding the security of the voting system and tabulator equipment utilized by Watertown Township.

Federal Voting Assistance Program  
Voting assistance for uniformed service members, their families, and citizens living outside the U.S.

Michigan Voter Information Center    

Michigan Secretary of State   

Frequently Asked Questions 


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